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8th Graders are Moving Up!

This is it parents!!! Our 8th graders are making the move from middle school to high school! The BF administration and PTO work to together try to make this year especially memorable for them with an end of year dance, an exciting field trip and yearbook. 

The 8th grade committee funds the 8th grade trip and transportation. Last year the PTO and parents paid for ticket costs, food and the transportation to the Aquatopia water park located in the Camelback resort. We are using last years cost as a guide for this year.  

Last year, each family contributed around $50 and the 8th grade committee fundraised for the remaining balance. We estimate the total cost to be between $110 and $130 per student. Please note that if we cannot successfully fundraise for the remaining amount, we will ask for families to make up the difference.

Also, last year’s 8th grade committee implemented a payment plan.  We are happy to do this again and will accept two payments of $25. We understand that this money can be a lot for some families. If you need assistance please reach out to the office and we will do our best to make sure your child goes on the trip.

Stay updated on 8th Grade Activities!

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